Tragic End! These are animals that have become extinct because of humans

Illegal hunting is what humans do and threatens many animal lives. Whether it is hunted to be maintained, taken skin until taken oil only for hobbies, overcoming diseases and so forth. That's why many animals are extinct in the world. 

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest tropical forests has lost thousands of animals to date. Some species have also become extinct. Unfortunately not, the survival of animals that should be kept extinct in human hands.  To keep in mind, let's get to know any animal in the world that is extinct. 

Tragic End! These are animals that have become extinct because of humans
Tragic End! These are animals that have become extinct because of humans

Various Extinct Animals in Indonesia 

If dinosaurs became extinct due to volcanic and meteor disasters, animals are currently extinct because of human actions. In addition to hunting, the depleted habitat of animals used as human-owned land is the cause. Many forests were cut down which switched functions into human settlements making animal dwellings run out. 

What are the and what are the extinct animals in the world? Here's the list. 

Javanese tiger

The extinct animal on the island of Java is a tiger with the scientific name Panthera Tigris Sondaica. In 2000 the Javan tigers were declared extinct due to the narrowing of their land to live because of humans. Since 1950, this animal has been declared rare and only 25 remain. Now we can only see this animal from the picture. 

Bali Tiger

Still with animals from Indonesia, before the Java Panthera Tigris Bali tiger has been extinct first since 1937. They became extinct because they were hunted a lot that time and took their skins. This striped tiger fur is very expensive to sell and eventually extinct since then. 

Red Monkey

Other tragic stories were also experienced by animals from Ghana and Ivory Coast. This thumbless species of monkey was declared extinct in the 2000s. Logging makes their usual homes a place of hanging are exhausted by humans. Those who usually live in dense forests are now invisible. 

Caribbean Seals

Last seen in 1952, this native Caribbean animal was wiped out by humans for wanting to get its oil. At that time, overfishing also caused Caribbean seals to lose their food source. they became extinct because they could no longer survive. 


Originally from South Africa, which became extinct in the 1880s due to being locked up and hunted by humans. Why are they extinct, because they are hunted for their skin that has unique fur. Quagga has a zebra motif on the front of her body and some of it is like horse skin. It is a pity that this extinct animal can no longer be seen its beauty. 

White-Tailed Eagle

Eagles are now rare animals, one of the extinct species is the white-tailed eagle. This English eagle has been extinct since the 20th century. Previously the hunt for white-tailed eagles was encouraged by humans. 


One species of bird that can not fly, comes from the island of Mauritius is now extinct. Its extinction occurred in the 17th century. They are a species that is not afraid of humans and is extinct because humans first set foot on the island of Mauritius. At that time humans brought carnivorous animals that made this species eventually extinct. 

Awareness of the human duty to maintain the environment both flora and fauna should be done correctly. Don't let many animals end up like these extinct animals. Knowing and aware of rare protected animals in Indonesia to prevent poaching and continue to guard the forest is our duty. 

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