Smart trash can is needed in developing countries

Why Smart trash can is needed?

In Korea, Japan, countries in the European Union the people have been trained to store garbage before dumping it. Usually in a country that fits 4 types of trash in 4 different trash cans.

People in developed countries save even though nothing is there. The municipal waste processing department can then carry out the appropriate processing for each type of waste.

In developing countries, it is still difficult to just dump garbage in its place, let alone get rid of garbage. If there are several trash cans for different types of waste, then the result is that the residents continue to dump the trash mixedly.

Smart trash can
The smart trash can is needed in developing countries

Image source: Alamy via The Guardian

Even though there are community groups that dump waste according to its type, mistakes have been made to the waste processing officers. Several unscrupulous waste managers continue to mix separated waste by reason of speeding up the transportation process.

Separating the waste is hard at the beginning but makes it very easy in the next waste processing process. In the midst of technological developments, it will certainly make it easier for people to process waste.

What is the purpose of a smart trash can?

The year 2050 is the peak of urbanization worldwide. More than 60% of the population of developing countries and 80% of the population in developed countries will live in cities. This was stated by the UNEP Global Environmental Alert Service (GEAS), October 2013.

The World Bank reports the environmental impact of garbage in Bangladeshi cities is very worrying. As many as 234,000 residents died allegedly due to the contaminated environment.

Therefore, the problem of urban waste is a global problem that is being sought for a solution. One of them is a smart trash can based on the Internet of Things.

How does the smart trash can work?

There are many concepts of smart dustbins in the world. All aim to increase the effectiveness in terms of economy and time. Here are some that we quote from the journal owned by Sohag et.al. origin Bangladesh

The concept of smart trash is to empower people to take part in environmental management. This system is based on an android application that allows users to see the location of the nearest dustbin.

The trash can also has a sensor that will let you know when it's full. Furthermore, it automatically gives a signal to the waste control center to come to the location to clean it.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the government can study the habit patterns of waste from various regions. This application will take care of the most optimal route when transporting waste to make it economical.

In Germany, there is a Pfand station that looks like an ATM machine. The way this machine works is that people can exchange used bottles or cans for money. Each used bottle or can is exchanged for 0.25 euros. In this way, the community is motivated to collect used bottles

How do you separate biodegradable and non biodegradable waste sensors?

In Indonesia, there was a smart dustbin innovation with sensors of various types of waste. Before the garbage pits open, people have to put them on the sensor first. If it matches the type of trash that is intended, then you can delete the trash. But wording has not been widely applied.

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