Why air pollution can make you broke

Air pollution definition

Air pollution is the presence of impurities in the atmosphere that endanger human health and the environment.

Many government organizations and agencies carry out air quality measurements. One of them is The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that provides air parameters via the Air Quality Index (API)

air pollution
Why air pollution can make you broke

Air pollution effects on respiratory health

Do you know how much impact air pollution has on our respiratory health? The main cause of the respiratory disease is the super small particles PM 2.5. The more severe the respiratory disease, the health costs also increase. The dust concentration increases in dry and windless air conditions.

Another pollutant that can endanger lung health is ground-level ozone fog. This compound is formed as a result of the reaction between Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and a volatile organic compound (VOC).

NOx comes from the combustion of motorized vehicles, while VOCs come from volatile organic compounds such as C, H, N, O. In the morning the ozone concentration is low but at night the ozone concentration is very high. So pay attention to using masks in these conditions.

Air pollution effects on health cost

A study from the China Health and Nutrition Survey mentions a relation between air quality and health costs.

Air exposure increases health costs because it causes respiratory disease. The costs of respiratory disease in large cities are seven times greater than in rural areas.

The Respiratory Health Association reports more than 137 million Americans are exposed to air pollution. Common respiratory diseases include asthma, COPD, and other respiratory diseases.

Meanwhile, there is a finding from Fenglin Chen that there are groups of people who are more sensitive to air pollution. The community groups are men, people with high income, people with high education, people who use health insurance, and the elderly.

The Respiratory Health Association reports that this air pollution is most dangerous for babies and children and the elderly. For people who already have diseases such as heart and lungs, of course, air pollution can worsen their respiratory health

Air pollution solutions

  • Pay attention to the Air Quality Index (AQI).
  • Low emission fuel program.
  • Using a hybrid car or electric car.
  • Use public transportation.
  • Expand the tree area in urban areas.
  • Reduce carbon emissions from food waste.
  • The government can carry out urban planning to keep settlements away from sources of air pollution.

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