When did air pollution start

How did air pollution happen?

Air pollution has always been a problem that never ends. Air pollution means the presence of more than one physical, biological, and chemical substance in the air and atmosphere. This amount is finally put into a dangerous state.

The impact, of course, on human health and the environment. In Indonesia, Jakarta has the highest pollution problem. Jakarta's air pollution is in the highest category in the world besides Hanoi and Johannesburg. What are the sources of pollution in the air and what are the dangers?

air pollution
when did air pollution start

The Dangers of Air Pollution and Its Causes

There are so many dangers that can threaten life because of air pollution. The first is the health effects that affect the lungs and respiratory tract. Both impacts agriculture which can cause disease in several types of crops.

Third, it will destroy the ozone layer so that radiation from the sun will increase. All these air pollution problems are caused by several natural activities as well as humans. Here are the causes of air pollution that need to be watched out for and a solution to find.

Power plants

The final cause of pollution in the air is the power plants created by humans. Until now, there are still too many power plants that are not environmentally friendly. For example, power plants that use steam power, where burning coal is a source of pollution.

The rise of industrial activities

Industries in the form of factories which are human activities are the biggest contributor to pollution. Waste released by factories is the main cause. This waste can be in the form of gas in air, liquid, and solid. Everything causes pollution not only air but also water.

Active volcano

If factories are a problem with human activities, there are also natural activities that contribute to air pollution, namely volcanoes. Volcanic eruptions carry material which is volcanic ash and ash. All this dust and ashes can interfere with the breathing of living things.


A landfill where human waste is collected in one landfill. Decomposing garbage emits methane gas which weighs tens of times more than the garbage itself. The breakdown of bacteria will produce methane gas, carbon dioxide, and environmental hazards. Not a little water pollution also occurs from the TPA.

Forest fires

Most of the air pollution arises from burning forests. The fire that devours the forest will produce smoke and fog containing the highest carbon content. For example, just carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. The health risk caused by wildfires is lung cancer.

There are two causes of forest fires, namely because humans burn them for land expansion. The second cause is because global warming makes the air too hot.

All these causes of air pollution cannot be underestimated because their effects are not only in the short term but also in the long term.

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