Top 5 ocean plastic pollution by country

Ocean pollution by plastic

Plastic waste has become the biggest threat to marine ecosystems. Ocean plastic pollution by country becomes the spotlight at the international level. There are many countries polluting the oceans with plastic waste. What makes plastic waste threatening?

Plastic is a type of inorganic material and a type of waste that cannot be broken down by nature. For thousands of years, plastics will have the same shape. This is the concern of all environmental activists. Plastic is also one of the most wasteful in developing countries until finally, restrictions on the use of plastic bags began to be implemented. But even so, the largest contributor to plastic waste in the world is still dominated by developing countries.

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Ocean plastic pollution
Top 5 ocean plastic pollution by country

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List of ocean plastic pollution by country

One of the environmental programs established by the United Nations, namely the United Nations Environment Program or UNEP, explained that the losses caused by plastic waste reached US $ 13 billion per year. It is estimated that 280 million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide and most of the waste ends up in the oceans.

Of course the garbage that ends up in the sea will destroy the ecosystem. According to a University Georgia study, plastic waste comes from people living 50 km from the coast. The number is not playing games until it reaches 12.7 million. If ranked, here are the countries that pollute the oceans with the most plastic waste in the world.


As a country with the largest population in the world, a lot of plastic waste produced by this country is damaging to marine life. Every year China can produce up to 11.5 million tons of plastic waste every year. Where 8.8 million tons of them end up in the ocean.

As much as 78 percent of waste is dumped in the sea if it is calculated daily, so the Chinese people throw out 33.6 kg of plastic waste per year. This is what causes marine pollution to continue to occur.


This is the ranking of Indonesian waste in the world specifically for plastics. There are two reasons, namely the Indonesian society which is so consumptive and secondly, there is no maximum recycling system.

When added up, the Indonesian people are responsible for 3.2 million tons of plastic waste. The amount of plastic waste wasted in the ocean reaches 17.2 kg. So don't just say that Indonesia has a lot of marine areas, then we can do whatever we want to dispose of the trash too.


Countries that pollute the oceans with quite a lot of plastic waste in Southeast Asia, one of which is Vietnam. This country is a contributor to plastic waste as much as 1.8 million tons each year. Whether it's garbage originating from North and South Vietnam.

The Vietnamese people themselves have dumped 32.9 kg of waste specifically for plastic into the open oceans. This figure is large when compared to other Asian countries.


The fourth largest contributor of plastic waste in the world in 2020 is the Philippines. Again, a country in Southeast Asia, this country produces plastic waste up to 2.2 million tons of plastic waste. Almost all of the waste generated is disposed of at sea, which is 83 percent.

Sri Lanka

Just like in Indonesia, this country has problems in terms of waste management. So that 1.8 million tons of plastic waste produced pollutes the sea. On average, the residents contribute 10.9 kg of garbage.

Plastic is the most abundant type of waste in the world, if it is not immediately discovered about proper disposal or recycling, it could threaten the earth. Currently, many marine ecosystems have been damaged due to the many countries polluting the oceans.

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