Pros and cons about solar energy in society

Pros and cons about solar energy

Solar energy is called future energy. But there are still pros and cons about solar energy. One of them is about the use of solar energy into electricity

The use of sunlight for electricity is not new, it's just that its utilization has not been maximally used. The use of solar power is inseparable from the use of solar panels, which are the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics or indirectly using concentrated solar power.

The use of solar panels to make use of solar rays seems to have raised pros and cons of society. Given this system, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Many say that solar power is a way to generate electricity in the future, but not a few people have doubts whether this solar power can really meet the needs or not.

pros and cons about solar energy
Pros and cons about solar energy into electricity

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Advantages of Solar Energy

To get maximum results you must be smart to consider the use of solar power to electricity. No need to hesitate, you can get 4 advantages of solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, including:

1. Free Energy

By using solar power, you can put energy for free. Remember, the sun is a large-scale thermal fuel that is easily available and has the function of powering several electrical component systems in your home. You can store heat energy in solar panels to get electricity. It also makes your electricity bill more efficient.

2. Clean Energy Production

The use of solar panels in utilizing solar power into electricity is considered cleaner, compared to coal-fired electricity. Solar power or solar heat alone does not emit emissions that cause greenhouse gases or global warming. When using this power, it means you can take good care of the environment.

3. Government Incentives

Government incentives mean programs carried out by the government. For example, to support the elimination of ordinary electricity, people can sell electricity to the electricity company themselves. The program supports the community to use solar power to generate electrical energy. Even so, the solar cell capacity cannot exceed the power of the electric company.

4. Reducing Addiction

By using solar power, you are again depending on the power company for electricity. You can install solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy.

Disadvantages of Using Solar Energy

Apart from getting benefits, solar energy also has several drawbacks, including the following

1. Inconsistent energy sources

solar power is considered inconsistent in producing electrical energy. This is because the sun does not shine 24 hours a day. In addition, there are several houses that have tall trees so that the rays are covered by trees. Likewise with tall buildings that are difficult to get sunlight optimally. Not to mention if you enter the rainy season, of course, you cannot get the optimal benefits of solar panels because the electricity intake is reduced.

2. Large Installation Costs

Installing solar panels requires a large amount of money. Even so, you still benefit from saving electricity by using solar power.

3. Care

Every thing requires maintenance, as well as when you use solar panels. You must clean the solar panels regularly to keep them in good working order and contact an expert immediately when lightning and other damage occurs.

Those are the 5 advantages and disadvantages of using solar panels that you should know. You can use solar power as needed.

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