Price, Licensing and How to Install Solar Panels

Are solar panels worth it?

The use of solar panels to convert solar power into electricity is considered environmentally friendly and promising. This technological development is considered to be better and increases efficiency to meet household electricity needs. Installing solar panels on the roof of the house is not done carelessly.

There are several things that must be considered in order to be able to install solar panels on the roof of the house, starting from paying attention to the installation location that gets a lot of suns, to buying quality components from a seller who has a product warranty. This is very important to avoid damage or problems in the system. To find out more, you need to know how to install solar panel pricing and licensing.

Price, Licensing and How to Install Solar Panels
Price, Licensing and How to Install Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation Prices

There are several solar panel costs that you must meet to install a solar panel installation. As for the price of 1 kilowatt peak solar panel, it is around 900 USD. The cost is also influenced by how big the panel will be installed. The more panels that are installed, the greater the cost you have to spend.

For example, if in one house you need 10 KW of solar panels, the cost you have to spend is 9000 USD. Usually, the number of kwp is done to help meet the needs of producing electricity. As for household needs, you only need to install 2 kwp of diesel at a cost of 1800 USD.

Solar Panel Licensing

When you want to install solar panels, you cannot be separated from the licensing of solar panels. This is because the government has also encouraged the use of solar energy so that licensing solar panels is done easily. This is a form of an effort to harness solar energy, develop solar panels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The government allows the use of solar power to meet electricity needs at home, this has been regulated in the minister of energy and mineral resources regulation number 12 of 2019 regarding the licensing of solar panel roofs, as follows:

People who install electrical panels below 500 kilovolt amperes (kVA) do not need a utilization permit, but if it is more than 500 kVA they must have an operating permit.

The community must arrange a panel installation permit by fulfilling administrative and technical requirements.

The government checks the public who meets the requirements, starting from ownership of the results of the manufacturing test, product certificates and product standard documents. If all of them are fulfilled, the community has fulfilled the operational eligibility certification obligations

Those are some things about solar panels that you should know, starting from installing prices to licensing solar panels. After understanding the following, you can apply for the proper solar panel installation.

How solar panels are installed 

When viewed from an investment, installing solar panels on the roof of the house provides various benefits for you, ranging from saving electricity costs, environmentally friendly technology and others. The following are things that need to be understood before installing solar panels, including:

Installation of solar panels must be done by a specialist, professional from solar panels companies. Where before the installation process, the technician will analyze the consumer's needs regarding electrical energy and the number of solar panels to be installed. That way, you can see the electricity bill each month as well as the costs required for installing solar panels. In conducting the analysis, the provider is examined directly by surveying the installation site.

After coming to the installation site, they will immediately install solar panels on the roof of your house as needed. For example, when you need 2200 watts of electricity, it takes about 6 to 8 panels measuring 1x2 meters. Installing solar panels can be done anywhere, from factories, big houses, simple houses and others.

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