How Pollution Effects the Ocean

Ocean pollution effects

The sea is the habitat for so many marine life. Just like humans who live on land, if the sea is polluted their lives will be disturbed. There are so many impacts of pollution on the sea in general for various reasons. The biggest impact that damages marine ecosystems if sorted until now is humans. Both garbage and production waste are partially dumped into the sea.

The definition of marine pollution itself is a condition when hazardous materials enter the sea. It can be chemicals, particles, sounds, or the presence of invasive organisms. The cause of marine pollution mostly comes from the land. How to determine marine pollution can use physical, chemical to biological parameters. Then what impact will be faced? There are many, marine life is the main target.

how pollution effects the ocean
How pollution effects the ocean

Ocean pollution effects on marine life

Water is the source of life and the sea has been home to a wide variety of living things. Humans who do not live in the sea certainly do not feel disturbed directly. But all the fish, coral reefs and other living things will be disturbed.

There are two types of sources of pollution in the sea in general, namely direct and indirect. The direct sources referred to are industrial waste to garbage dumped directly into the sea. Meanwhile, indirect sources are pollutants that pollute the atmosphere and enter the sea through rain or polluted groundwater.

When sorted, humans are the two sources. For example, household waste is disposed of in drains and ends up on the ground. Then it will pollute the land which is of course wasted into the sea. Especially for non-biodegradable waste such as plastic.

There are so many impacts of marine pollution that must be known from now on. Although this impact may not be felt directly, it is very dangerous for future survival. The impacts that must be considered are as follows.

1. Ecosystem damage

Pollution in water, including seawater, will damage the ecosystem in it. Because so many pollutants end up in the sea, the ecosystem can change. Even the smallest living things, will respond to environmental changes very quickly. That way the impact that can be felt is the extinction of marine animals.

2. Ocean pollution effects on humans

This is what many do not realize, the extinction of marine animals is only one of the impacts of marine pollution. Humans in this case will also be affected. When the sea is polluted from pesticides carried by land. Then the pollutants are eaten by plankton and then fish. Humans also eat these fish which eventually cause health problems.

3. Affects oxygen production

The impact that has recently been recognized is that many marine organisms that can carry out photosynthesis die. Even though these organisms contribute 10% of the oxygen that humans breathe throughout the land. The main cause is plastic waste which interferes with the development of these organisms to produce oxygen.

4. Creating economic problems

The impact that will be felt directly by humans besides disease is economic. There are so many beaches with beautiful views filled with trash, it has become dirty, giving a decline in the tourism sector. In addition, marine pollution due to garbage will also damage fishing boats.

Fish that could be used as export products or for self-consumption have decreased because many have died or are not healthy for consumption. All of them give problems to the economy.

What is included in pollution in the sea in general always has a bad impact. Therefore, with full awareness, start to live better so that not a lot of garbage and pollutants are washed into the sea.

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