How much pollution does a car produce?

How much pollution does a car produce?

The biggest problem in the big city is how much pollution does a car produce? Air pollution from cars is one of the reasons that makes the big city become the worst air in the world. Traffic jams in the big city, with millions of cars operating every day, have made air pollution increase. 

To find out more about the explanation, first, identify the exhaust emissions from the car and what are the dangers they cause to the environment.

car pollution
How much pollution does a car produce?

Types of Air Pollution from Cars

The definition of how much pollution does a car produce is that there is more than one hazardous substance which can be physical, biological, and chemical. Cars are one of the causes of air pollution, due to exhaust emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), motor vehicles are a contributor to pollution with a percentage of 75%.

America itself, which produces cars by 30%, has become the largest contributor to half of the air pollution that occurs worldwide. how much pollution does a car produce? When a car burns gasoline or its fuel it will cause pollution.

Gasoline emits a lot of gas that comes out of the air from the engine even when the gasoline enters the car tank. There are four pollutants that come from cars, namely:

  • The car emits carbon monoxide gas when the gasoline does not burn completely.
  • Cars also emit hydrocarbon gases, a poisonous gas that contains hydrogen and carbon.
  • When gasoline burns, nitrogen and oxygen react with each other and create nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission gas.

The pollutants that come from exhaust gas emissions will become air pollution. Exhaust gas emissions are the residue from fuel combustion that occurs in a car or motor vehicle. All burning material will cause residue, it's just that because it occurs in the air, it is not immediately visible.

If you are still confused, pay attention when you are burning wood or paper. When the fire goes out, the remaining combustion will appear in the form of ashes. Now the ashes released by a vehicle in the form of a car are called exhaust emissions.

Pollutants That Become Air Pollution From Cars

Obviously, here is a breakdown how much pollution does a car produce.

Particulate Matter

Also known as PM, one of the visible parts of a car is the engine fan. This fan will work and produce very fine particles, even smaller than a single strand of human hair.

These tiny particles are very dangerous for humans because they can get into the lungs. PM can be a dangerous pollutant containing hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxides. Among the types of engines, diesel cars are the biggest contributors to generating pollutants.

Volatile Organic Compound

Also called VOC, this pollutant will react with nitrogen oxides and is very dangerous when exposed to sunlight. At certain levels, these pollutants will be dangerous when in the atmosphere. In addition, it can cause irritation in the respiratory system.

In the long term, it can cause shortness of breath, coughing, and shortness of breath. VOCs that come from car gas emissions include benzene, acetaldehyde, butadiene and all these materials can cause cancer.

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)

how much pollution does a car produce is quite high and is as dangerous as PM. NOx is the main cause of irritation problems in the lungs that can weaken the body's resistance. The body will weaken, especially in the respiratory tract, especially if there is an infection, it will be difficult to heal. Examples of diseases that can keep coming back are influenza and pneumonia.

Sulfur Dioxide

Is a pollutant also known as SO2, is pollution that comes from burning sulfur containing fuel. Especially for diesel engines and also from trains that burn with coal.

SO2 will react in the atmosphere and pose a big risk to children's health problems. Fiber has the potential to cause asthma.

Carbon dioxide

These pollutants are produced by car fumes which will cause the greenhouse effect or Global Warming. Because of this problem, it is also causing climate change and not only cars but motorized vehicles such as buses, planes and trains and even ships.

Impact of Air Pollution Caused by Vehicle Smoke

When viewed from the exhaust emissions released by cars, there are several impacts of air pollution that can be described. Some of the environmental problems that will occur due to how much pollution does a car produce are:

Respiratory Infections

It is not only oxygen that humans will inhale and enter the respiratory tract. Pollutants contained in the air will also be inhaled and this is what causes respiratory tract infections. Several types of infectious problems that arise such as asthma, bronchitis, and so on.

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Inhibits economic and social activities

Air pollution from cars will also cause social and economic problems for humans. Dirty air will make hospital costs swell. Social activities such as buying and selling with direct interaction are also reduced which disturbs the economy.

Interferes with education

Cannot go to school because of how much pollution does a car produce, not to mention because of illness, children cannot learn better. They are disturbed in thinking and completing tasks. Of course, this impact is huge for the future of the world.

Causing climate change

The greenhouse effect will also occur which will cause climate change. This problem will create cyclical disturbances in nature. For example, extreme weather changes too high heat, causing forest fires. Not to mention the increased levels of solar radiation.

The solution to the problem of air pollution from vehicle fumes

The dangers posed by car pollutants do not mean that there are no steps to overcome them. All of the effects can be overcome if the habits of daily living are changed. Here are some solutions that can be done from small habits to overcome pollution from cars and other vehicle fumes.

Walk more

If work or school is nearby, you can choose to walk or ride a bicycle. That way there is no need to use a motorized vehicle that emits pollutants.

Using an electric vehicle

You can switch to using an electric car which is currently being produced a lot. Electricity is produced from solar power instead of steam, so it also doesn't contribute to pollution in the air.

Do not use diesel vehicles

If you still can't buy an electric vehicle, you can avoid using a vehicle with a diesel engine. Diesel engined cars emit more pollutants and are very dangerous.

Creating green spaces

It is not only the government that is responsible for creating green spaces but also every community must play an active role. Creating open green spaces in each village and growing plants so that air pollution can be absorbed more.

In order to overcome how much pollution does a car produce, the role of each individual is very large. The goal is to create healthy and safe earth for posterity. 

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