How does the solar panel work? This is the explanation

How does the solar panel work?

Before we discuss how does the solar panel work, maybe we need to know why this solar panel deserves to be in our homes

Have you ever been dizzy thinking about the very high electricity bill? Moreover, at this time the basic electricity tariff can increase at any time. One way to ensure the cost of electricity is to install solar panels at home. Having your own solar panel helps with expenses, as well as a long term investment. Because it can be used for years.

Having a solar panel is not a prestigious place, but it is one way to utilize solar energy to convert it into electrical energy. Especially if you are in a hot area. Why not make use of the excess sunshine to be beneficial?

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how does the solar panel work
how does the solar panel work this is the explanation

The following is an explanation of how does the solar panel work

1. Capturing Sunlight

The name of this device is solar panels, so it collects sunlight so that it can be processed into electricity. Sunlight can be caught because it is made of solar cells made from pure silicon. There are 2 layers of silicon, namely types N and P. They stick together and are formed from semiconductors. While semiconductors are made of atomic bonds, which are composed of electrons. N is the negative side and P is the positive.

In order for the solar panel to function optimally, it should not be obstructed by anything, so don't let your housekeeper put the leftover clothesline of rice or other items on it. Also take care not to let any animals such as cats, mice, or birds sleep on them. Also check the cleanliness of the solar panels so that they can work optimally.

2. Electron Transfer

When there is sunshine during the day or evening, the semiconductor will be connected. There will be an exaggeration, then it moves from negative to positive, and vice versa. When the electrons continue to flow, there is an electric field. So when you have solar panels, you don't need Electricity Company anymore.

This capture of solar energy and processing it into electricity is called a photovoltaic system. It is not surprising that solar panels are often used in hot areas where the sun is shining, such as in coastal cities, namely Surabaya and Semarang, to eastern Indonesia such as West Nusa Tenggara and Papua. When you are in a sweltering town or village, don't complain. But take advantage of that massive amount of heat and invest your money in solar panels.

3. Energy Collection in Solar Panel Batteries

The electric field generated is not directly transmitted to your television or electronic device. But first stored in the battery. The function of this battery is that when it is raining, cloudy, or at night, electricity can still be used. Because the sun's power cannot be distributed directly, first.

If you are confused, then just imagine that a solar panel is a device that produces electricity like a battery, but it is bigger. The difference is, solar panels can flow energy thanks to energy from sunlight. When there is, you can still watch television or take a warm shower and water heater battery. With a note that the energy in it is still available.

Have you understood how solar panels work? Don't get dizzy just yet and imagine electrons running around and remembering physics lessons in school. In essence, a solar panel is a sophisticated device that can capture sunlight and process it into electricity. Then channeled into the stream of cable lights, television, magic com, and other electronic devices in your home.

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