Costing of solar panel in a developing country

Costing of solar panel

In developing countries, the costing of solar panel is quite expensive. This is because electricity using solar is something that is still uncommon, so it requires difficult equipment

Solar panels are a component that has the function of converting energy produced from sunlight into electrical energy. Solar panels or commonly known as solar panels are also famous for their fairly expensive prices but are in great demand by many people because of their use which has long-term benefits and advantages.

Although currently solar panels are not owned by the majority of homes in tropical countries, this energy has tremendous benefits. So for that, before knowing how much it costs to install solar panels for one house, it would be better if we discuss the advantages of solar panels first. Come on, see the following information.

costing of solar panel
Costing of solar panel in a developing country

In this easy era, there are many suppliers of solar panels, one of which is in tropical countries.To find out how much it costs to install this power, here is a list. The following list is a variation of the 1.2 kWp - 5 kWp sourced from solarcellsurya.com

  1. PV Module 200 Wp Monocrystallin = 500-2500 USD
  2. Support PV Module 200 Wp = 100-500 USD
  3. Inverter = 1000-1500 USD
  4. Cable Power = 50-140 USD
  5. Electrical Panel = 140-160 USD
  6. Grounding Systerm = 50-70 USD
  7. Service and Licensing Fees = 680-720 USD
  • Total cost = 2800-5700 USD

That is the cost data for installing a solar electric panel, you only need to know how many kwp units from the house this solar panel will be installed. If you have special conditions or criteria for installation, you can also ask the supplier to add other equipment that will be used.

In addition, the price data is also uncertain, the price offered depends on the supplier and the quality of the solar panels installed. I hope this helps.

5 Benefits of solar panelling for homes

In its use, electrical energy using solar power is very suitable and has lasting benefits because it does not use fuel conventionally. In addition, the main energy used is also obtained easily and for free. For other benefits, let's look at the following.

Help Reduce Global Warming

By using solar energy, this will help the earth in preventing global warming. This global warming will continue to increase along with the use of electricity, so if you use the energy produced from the sun then it will help in preventing global warming.

Electricity Bills Become Economical

Another benefit is that your home electricity bill will be economical and cheap in the long run. This will greatly help the family economy to be more economical and less expensive just to use electricity.

Not Dependent on Electricity

You will also not be too dependent on electricity usage if you use solar panel energy, this is because you will be more accustomed to using the sun as the main source of your electricity.

Easy to Install and Use

To use this solar panel you don't have to need complicated work, even the installation of this simple solar panel is very easy to install and its use is also very practical.

Doesn't Require Large Land

Apart from some of the advantages of solar panels above, it turns out that this solar energy also does not require a large area in its use, the size also varies, there are mini solar panels to large according to your needs. Solar panels are usually specially installed on the roof of the user's house, thus saving your homeland.

So, after knowing what are the advantages of solar panels, are you still hesitant to use them? And the following is information on prices and costs for using solar panel energy, let's look at the information.

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