Why You Should Solar Panelling for Homes

Solar panelling for homes 

Now many people have taken advantage of solar panelling for homes. The increase in electricity bills that occur every month, makes many people complain. 

 The increasing use of technology forces us to keep using electricity. In addition, the economic situation during the pandemic was in sharp decline. The only way to save on bills is to reduce electricity consumption.

Solar panels or commonly referred to as solar cells are electrical devices that work by converting light energy directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. So, when this solar cell is installed on the roof of the house, the captured sunlight energy will be converted into electricity.

solar panelling for homes
Why you should solar panelling for homes 

How does the solar panel work?

So this solar panel will collect sunlight which later the heat from this sunlight is used to heat the liquid. The steam generated from the heating process will be heated by a generator and eventually generate electricity. The energy produced will later be used for electricity needs at home, and some is stored in batteries so that when it rains these panels will continue to run. Now, when the electrical energy in this solar panel is no longer sufficient, the use of electricity will take electrical energy from Electricity Company.

By installing solar panels on the roof of the house, you can save up to 60% on Electricity Company electricity bill payments. For example, a solar panel with a power of 1 kWp can generate electricity for 8 hours, and the total output is about 3.4 kWh. Now after using this solar panel, Electricity Company's electricity consumption can be reduced by 3.5 kWh per day or the equivalent of 5,000 (if the Electricity Company electricity rate: 1,400 / kWh). So in a month, your electricity bill can be reduced by around Rp. 150,000

Seeing that the price is not cheap, many people are reluctant to install solar panels in their homes. For example, for a 1300 VA meter, the solar electric energy system that can be installed is a maximum of around 1200 Wp, while for one kWp (1000 Wp) it is worth Rp. 23,000,000. So, please calculate for yourself how much the 1300 watt solar cell costs. Yep it is expensive, but this tool will be an investment in the future because its use can be up to your lifetime.

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Solar panels are a solution for those of you who have felt burdened by increasing electricity bills every time. In addition to reducing electricity consumption, you can save money by installing solar cells on the roof of your house. In addition, there are several benefits that you can get by installing solar panels which we will discuss below.

Benefits of solar panelling for homes 

Free Energy

Solar panels are electric power which is not only environmentally friendly, but also provides free energy outside of solar cell installation services. This tool produces electricity from solar energy. We know for ourselves that the sun is the most abundant form of energy on earth. So you only need to pay once for the installation fee, for its use you no longer need to spend your entire life.

Environmentally friendly

Seeing the excessive use of Electricity Company electricity from households whose energy is obtained from coal fuel, it results in global warming. In contrast to the use of solar panels which are safe and keep the environment clean because they will not produce greenhouse gases, so anyone and anyone can use them.

can fulfill electricity needs

As people who live in the modern era, of course, we are completely dependent on electricity to meet our daily needs, such as the use of air conditioning, lights, computers, washing machines and so on. Indirectly, we are all dependent on this electrical energy, this will be felt if there is a power cut.

We will be confused until we don't know what to do because our lives are dependent on this electricity. Now, when using solar panels, you don't need to worry anymore if the Electricity Company electricity goes out because the electrical energy from solar panels can still meet your needs.

Can Use It As Needed

Using this solar panel does not necessarily require you to remove electricity from Electricity Company. You can use and install solar panels as needed. You can adjust how much electricity from Electricity Company and how much electricity from solar panels you want to use.

Apart from the above, there are many more reasons why you should use solar panels, as below.

  1. A tropical country that can catch the sun easily (Tilt min 0o-max 15o) by the Equatorial Country.
  2. The sun can shine more than 8 hours a day so the energy is onneed solar panels will continue to be filled every day.
  3. Solar panels can reduce carbon levels by up to 1 ton per year.
  4. The rate of innovation in solar cell efficiency continues to grow to more than 40% in 2015.
  5. Users don't have to worry about shadows (the main enemy of solar panels) because thin film solar can handle it.
  6. The weight of the solar panels is only 25 kg per m2 so it is light enough to be installed on the roof of the house.
  7. Pollution free because it doesn't produce smoke and waste.
  8. Solar cell material can be used again.
  9. This solar panel system is modular and can be installed anywhere, be it in border areas, remote areas and other places.
  10. Supported by inverter technology that is able to convert up to 98% of the generated DC electricity into AC electricity so as to minimize the energy wasted
  11. Even without sunlight, solar panels can still function for 3 days with the help of battery technology.
  12. The battery can last up to 10 years.
  13. Does not require special care.
  14. Has overcharge and over discharge features so it is safe to use
  15. Its anti-islanding protection feature keeps the electricity on automatically when there is no electricity from Electricity Company
  16. Can be installed from small to large scale easily
  17. Can save up to 20% of Electricity Company electricity usage
  18. Having a permit is even recommended by the Indonesian government
  19. The Indonesian government will use the Feed in Tariff system which will encourage growth in the use of solar panel systems
  20. Installation of solar panels is not only on the roof but is available in tall buildings, as well as parking lots

You don't need to think about how to solar panelling for homes, because it will be done by a solar panel installation service. Fortunately, many people are aware of the importance of this solar cell. When do you install solar panels in your house?

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