5 Factor Can Causes for Ocean Pollution

Many factors can cause for ocean pollution. Marine pollution is one of the environmental problems that always occur. As in our country, marine pollution often occurs which causes the survival of marine life to be threatened. 

Seas around the world are also threatened by pollutants caused by various factors. Ironically, the cause of pollution in the sea is man-made.

The pollutants that pollute the sea a lot are a mixture of industrial chemical waste and also domestic waste that has been swept from land or deliberately dumped into the sea. 

Examples of the causes of pollution in the sea that are often found include oil spills or the accumulation of materials in fertilizers or pest control, which when these pollutants sink to the seabed have the potential to be accidentally eaten by marine life. This is what will make their survival threatened.

ocean pollution
5 Factor Can Causes for Ocean Pollution

Causes for ocean pollution

Actually, there are many ways to deal with marine pollution that you can do, such as not throwing garbage in the sea, cleaning up trash on the beach, and so on. But to preserve living things in the sea, first, you need to know what causes pollution in the sea below.

Oil Spill (Oil Spill)

Oil spills at sea are the worst cause of pollution at sea. Indeed, most oil refineries are located at sea, so the potential for oil to spill or leak is even greater. This is what causes the sea to become polluted and various kinds of sea creatures will die from the oil spill.

Household waste

Even though it is often considered trivial, household waste which is often disposed of into waterways/sewers/sickles is the cause of seawater pollution which is often done by humans themselves. For example, organic food scraps (rice, fish vegetables, oil), plastic waste and other organic materials that are swept away by water flows into the sea.

Industrial waste

Factory waste that has not gone through a filtering process before being disposed of is one of the causes of water pollution that is often found. The impact of water pollution is not only felt by people who use polluted water sources but will also be swept into the sea which will disrupt the sustainability of the sea. The only solution to this problem is that factories or industries must implement a sewage treatment protocol before discharged to water sources.

Agricultural Waste

Agricultural activities such as using fertilizers will cause nutrient pollution. Fertilizers made from chemicals and nutrients that were previously used for plants are flushed and eventually enter the waterways until they run down to the seabed.


Plastics are the cause of pollution in the ocean that has not been found a solution until now. Types of plastic such as food wrappers, plastic bottles, drink bottle caps, and plastic bags are the most worrying types of pollutants because they have a very high amount and are difficult to decompose.

The impact of pollution on seawater ecosystems caused by plastic can be seen from the food chain of marine creatures. When small organisms destroy plastic waste which is then eaten by larger marine animals, the toxins from the plastic are absorbed into their bodies. So, what if the animal is eaten by humans? Of course, the chemicals from the plastic also enter our bodies.

Seeing the causes of pollution in the sea above should be able to make us all realize how important it is to keep the sea clean for the survival of marine creatures. We can all take actions to prevent marine pollution such as disposing of garbage in its place and implementing reduce, reuse, and recycling behavior. Let's together protect the wealth that was passed on by this Mother Earth!

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