Why do we need to reforest now

Just reforest now

Forests which are an important part of human life need to be preserved. Not only for the benefit of humans but also for the survival of other living things. The fact is that the opposite is true, forest destruction continues and humans are the main cause. That's  why do we need reforest now

The impact of the destruction must be realized from an early age because it affects all living things on earth. The causes and effects are various, if humans are aware from now on, the prevention can be done more quickly. So that nature will return for the better.

reforest now
Why do we need to reforest now?

Human Activities Cause Forest Destruction

There are various causes of forest destruction, whether human or natural. Damage that occurs due to natural causes, such as natural disasters from volcanoes, tsunamis, to earthquakes. Natural disasters are not something that can be prevented, besides that there is always a cycle of natural disasters.

Meanwhile, damage caused by humans leads to activities. Humans are always researching and finding new ideas that advance civilization. Unfortunately, this activity is not balanced with paying attention to nature such as forests.

These human activities can actually be prevented in order to minimize forest destruction. Here are some of the most threatening activities.

1. Illegal logging

The news about illegal logging was widely heard. Unfortunately not accompanied by the right solution. The wood produced by trees has a very high value and it is this that causes deforestation.

2. Land use change

Farming is very important for human life, and unfortunately, the method is often wrong. For example, t land use change to a cultivation system, where the old land has been converted into a residence. Then the expansion of the fields takes up the forest area.

3. Forest burning

Burning forests is often done by humans, the goal is to expand land for certain needs. Whatever the purpose, burning forests is a wrong activity because it will cause deforested forests and an unhealthy air environment.

4. Mining activities

Establishing a mine in a forest has become a common activity. But this activity is actually not good, because automatically the trees and animal habitats will decrease a lot. Mining activities that have been carried out are very difficult to return to a fertile forest.

5. Transmigration

The purpose of holding transmigration was so that the population was evenly distributed. Unfortunately, this activity is one that will cause forest destruction. Indirectly, when humans transmigrate to new areas, the forest area will decrease. The emergence of human settlements, especially not accompanied by population control, can deplete forest areas.

The Current Impact of Forest Destruction

After knowing what activities humans commonly do to destroy forests, it is important to know what the impacts are. At first glance it has been explained, the visible impact is that the forest has become deforested and many animals will lose their homes. This is what triggers many animals to become extinct.

There are many impacts of forest destruction that must be known as follows:

1. Erratic climate

Have you ever felt hot air like dry season even though it should have entered the rainy season? This is one of the consequences that have occurred due to forest destruction. Erratic climate change, plus the air is warmer than ever.

Forests have a function to absorb carbon dioxide released by nature itself and human activities. For example, motorized vehicle gas, factories, electronics, etc. If forests cannot carry out this function, the impact will be uncertain climate change like now.

2. There was a drought

Drought does not only occur due to very hot climate but also because of forest destruction. Forests have a function to absorb moisture in the air, later the humidity will turn into rain water. If the forest land is getting narrower, the rain will automatically decrease. This is what causes drought in an area.

In addition, there is no water stored in the ground which can be a source of water. Humans will lack a clean water supply which will certainly disrupt other activities.

3. Floods and landslides

The rainy season arrives, when forests are deforested, disasters such as floods and landslides are very common. Trees that grow in the forest have a role to store rainwater so that residential areas will be protected from flooding. However, if the forest land is not there, it is only natural that floods often occur.

Just like floods, landslides will also occur. Trees will keep the soil structure in the highlands to prevent erosion. The worst impact of landslides is that they cause permanent damage to settlements.

4. Abrasion on the beach

Forests that often experience damage are not only tropical forests but also mangrove forests located on the coast. The exploitation of mangroves is the main cause. Even though the existence of this forest is important to prevent high waves from seawater.

In addition, mangrove forests also function to settle mud so that seawater remains clean. The worst impact is the marine ecosystem which is damaged by garbage originating from the land.

Activities to Overcome Forest Damage

Global warming is the biggest impact currently being felt. Melting ice at the poles, making seawater rise, and landless. All this happened because of forest destruction. To restore the earth back to health, the forest must be repaired from now on.

There are many activities that humans can do, from small to large, which, if done routinely, become a very significant preventive measure for forest destruction. Here are some ways to tackle forest destruction.

1. Implementing a selective cutting system

Tree felling in the forest is fine as long as the method is right. By applying a selective logging system, only certain trees will be cut. The number of trees in the forest will be maintained, besides that it must also be accompanied by replanting trees. So that the amount of forest land does not decrease.

2. Keeping the forest clean

Currently, many forests have become tourist objects. For visitors to forest tourism sites, they must remain orderly in managing waste. Forest cleanliness from garbage must be maintained so as not to damage the land. Moreover, it is wrong to convert the forest as a TPA.

3. Reduce paper usage

The higher the use of paper, the increased tree cutting. Paper is made of wood, so its use should be reduced. Limit the use of new paper and make use of recycled paper can be the right step.

4. Reforestation

A deforested forest should no longer be used as a settlement or even a mining location. Reforestation is a necessary step for deforested forests. Replanting trees in damaged forest areas will restore the lungs of the earth for the next several decades. Forests can return to green, healthy, and re-balanced nature.

All these activities must be done with discipline if the forest is to turn green again. In addition, all communities must also cooperate and take part in all these things. That way the forest damage that has occurred can reforest now.

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