Simapro cost in Australia

Australia is one country that already has a commitment to measuring environmental impact. In this country, they really care about protecting animals and the environment. The reason is because the large number of habitats of animals that have been damaged or have changed their function.

Simapro cost
Simapro cost in Australia

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method for measuring the environmental impact of a product cycle. Environmental impacts that are measured are not only from the production process but also from the extraction of raw materials, transportation until the product returns to the ground.

How to calculate according to LCA

We need to use software to simulate these impacts. Because it needs a combination of the results of field studies, databases and calculations according to international standards.

1. field data.
Field data is the most valuable data because it represents real data from industry. The data is obtained from asking directly to companies or field practitioners.

The problem is that field data are often incomplete. either because the industry did not record it or because the study time was not possible. therefore supporting data from the previous LCA database is needed.

2. database
The database used is previous LCA research. databases that are often used are ecoinvent, agribailse, and many more.

The use of this database needs to be adjusted to the actual conditions of the factory under study. both in terms of location, technological advances used, and the climate of a country.

3. environmental impact calculation.
Each resulting emission is grouped by the impact. For example, carbon dioxide and methane emissions have an impact on global warming.

Each compound has its own points. Suppose that carbon dioxide has a value of 1 and methane has a value of 27. This value is carried out with the kg mass produced. In this way, the environmental impact of each process can be built because it has the same functional unit.

Simapro Software

all of these tasks will be easier to simulate with LCA software. simapro is an LCA software that has been around for more than 20 years.

Compared to other LCA software such as openLCA, simapro offers a clearer display of simulation results. flow with a large environmental impact is given a bigger arrow. This is simple but very easy to analyze.

Simapro has also been provided with a complete database. different from openLCA where the database is downloaded separately

Simapro Cost

Simapro is paid content. but since the emergence of open-source openLCA, Simapro Cost also provides free costs for educational purposes. while for business purposes, Simapro still has to pay

Simapro cost for Australia is 600-2500 AUD for single use. while for multiuse, it ranges from 1000-34000 AUD

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