Causes of Climate Change and Possible Solutions

The climate that occurs in each part of the world is different, but the existence of climate change has been a debate since 1992 between developed and developing countries. The term climate change that is often heard gives a lot of bad impacts on the survival of living things. For example, marine ecosystems are disturbed due to rising seawater temperatures. Many coral reefs and marine animals have died from it.

Another impact caused by global climate change is forest fires. The temperature continues to rise, causing drought and forest fires to occur at any time. What causes climate change and what solutions can humans take?

Climate Change
Causes of Climate Change and Possible Solutions

Causes of Climate Change

In general, the cause of climate change is due to global warming. The greenhouse effect is a condition when solar radiation is trapped in the atmosphere, creating a constantly increasing air temperature. All human activities that are not environmentally friendly cause the greenhouse effect.

When viewed from its history, developed countries during the 18th century industrial revolution became the main cause. Emission gases emitted by factories pollute the air and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases sharply. This is what triggers climate change as we can feel it now.

Several other causes are also human activities and are still ongoing today, such as garbage disposal and burning, motor vehicle fumes. Industrial waste is also the biggest cause which until now has not been able to be overcome.

Solutions Done to Prevent Climate Change

Humans as inhabitants of the earth have a big responsibility to care for nature. When nature has begun to deteriorate and climate change occurs continuously like now there must be an action or a movement. There are several solutions to climate change that can be done together and with full awareness.

1. Doing Reforestation

Planting plants in large numbers and making the forest green again is one of the steps that need to be done. Running programs such as a one-tree house or replanting in the deforested forest. An example of a country that has successfully implemented this solution in Singapore. There is so much vertical green land being created that it provides enough benefits to help lower the temperature.

2. Utilizing Renewable Energy

Using environmentally friendly products or renewable energy is the right solution to do in every home. Reducing the use of electricity and saving water, as well as utilizing solar panels can be applied to homes and apartments. People in urban areas need to have full awareness of the use of this renewable energy. Factories should also use environmentally friendly energy so as not to produce harmful exhaust gases in the air.

3. Reducing Using Fossil Fuel Vehicles

Electric cars are the biggest solution for Earth's future climate change problem. Strict emission tests have been enforced in developed countries for private vehicles that still use fossil fuel vehicles. There are also countries that apply non-fossil fuels. That way the emission gas emitted by vehicles will be reduced.

4. Reducing Meat Consumption

The livestock sector is the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions, especially when the demand for meat continues to increase. Farms can emit more emissions from planes, ships to cars. As a substitute, a source of protein can be obtained from nuts.

Starting a movement to protect the earth in order to become a better place to live does not need to be postponed. So that all the impacts of climate change can be avoided until the next generation.

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