Beware of 5 Impacts of Global Warming on Human Life

Global warming or global warming is a condition that humans must be aware of. This event occurs with an increase in temperature on the earth's surface due to excessive greenhouse gases. What is meant by greenhouse gases is an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide and other gases in the earth's atmosphere.

The cause of global warming itself is man-made. Excessive carbon dioxide is produced by industrial waste, livestock, agriculture, vehicles and electricity use. Judging from the understanding of global warming, you can imagine that there are so many bad effects that will be experienced by humans. Recognize the impact so that efforts to reduce it can be done immediately.

Impacts of Global Warming
Beware of 5 Impacts of Global Warming on Human Life

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5 Impact of Global Warming on Human Life

The impact of global warming is the most dangerous and has occurred is the Pizol glacier in the Glarus mountains in Switzerland reduced in volume by 80%. This happened in September 2019. The sea level rise was even faster and affected life in low coastal areas.

Until now, global warming continues and the impact is very dangerous for humans, such as:

The Emergence of a Hot AirWave

When the temperature on the earth's surface continues to increase, hot air waves will occur. This increase could be drastic, resulting in forest fires. This is also what caused the wildfires in Australia in January 2020.

Flood Disaster Continues to Increase

Sea water has increased due to melting icebergs, which is also the cause of flooding in almost all regions. Coupled with the appearance of a violent cyclone due to hot air. Floods are disasters that are very detrimental to many people and are felt not only by residents in coastal areas but also in urban areas.

Shifting Weather

Another problem that is quite worrying is the weather that continues to shift. This has happened since 2016, when in subtropical countries, winter is often late. In Indonesia, weather shifts occur during the rainy season which results in a lot of crop failure.

Many Animals Are Extinct

Weather changes greatly affect the lives of not only humans but also animals. Lots of animals are experiencing extinction because their habitat is starting to break down. For example, the reduction of dolphin population by 81% due to water pollution. Many dolphins have died from it.

The occurrence of Earth Plate Shift

Global warming is the biggest cause of the shift in the earth's plate. When the earth's surface continues to become hot, the bonding power to the earth's plates. When the air temperature changes drastically, a shift in the earth's plate can occur and earthquakes will endanger human life.

The dangerous impact of global warming must be realized by humans in order to take immediate action as prevention efforts. There are several ways that humans can do in every home so that the effects of global warming can be prevented, what are those?

  • Planting plants, by increasing the carbon plants in the air can be absorbed so that the greenhouse effect can be reduced.
  • Leave the use of air conditioning, because freon is the main cause of the perforation of the ozone layer. It is better to increase the number of air vents in order to get comfortable air circulation.
  • Start using public transportation in an effort to reduce the release of carbon dioxide from vehicles. Besides that, it can also reduce congestion.
  • Reducing meat consumption, because livestock is the largest producer of methane gas which is a source of global warming.

By doing a lifestyle that is better and routinely done by everyone, the impact of global warming can be reduced. The earth is also safe, comfortable and beautiful for human life. 

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