Benefits of Solar Panels and How They Work

Solar panels are a component that can convert solar energy into electrical energy with the principle of the photovoltaic effect. But unfortunately, the use of solar panels in Indonesia has not been used massively, in fact, it is known that only 0.05% utilizes solar energy from its existing potential. Whereas the use of solar panels is not only environmentally friendly but also more efficient.

Especially if Indonesia is a country that is on the equator and has abundant sunshine. Where the sun shines throughout the year in Indonesia, and of course it can be used as an optimal producer of electrical energy. However, Indonesia still has not been able to utilize existing sources. This is due to the lack of information about understanding, how to work, and the benefits of solar panels.

Solar Panels
Benefits of Solar Panels and How They Work

Benefits of Using Solar Panels

If concluded, there are several benefits of using solar panels that may not be widely known by the public, including:

Save on Expenses

Solar electric energy has the benefit of being able to save expenses because it does not use conventional fuels, where the electrical energy you get comes from the sun. When using the sun, you will feel the cost of electricity bills that are more efficient, considering the increase in conventional electricity for non-subsidized homes each year reaches 9.7%.

One of the reasons why electricity can increase every year is due to the rising price of its main fuel. This increase will have an impact on the welfare and economic level of the community, either directly or indirectly.

Although it does not get an increase every year, once there is an increase it can reach 20-30%. Therefore, solar panels are the right choice to reduce the increase. Because it does not use conventional fuel, but uses the sun which can be obtained easily and for free.

If this is applied in various industries, institutions to households, expenditures can be saved and can be allocated for other purposes. Solar panels can reduce the average electricity bill by up to 50%.

Reducing Global Warming

Other benefits or advantages of solar panels compared to ordinary electric power are reducing global warming, easy to install and use, save dependence on electricity and do not require large areas of land.

How Solar Panels Work

The way solar power plants work is by collecting sunlight energy during the day. Even so, this power can still be used in the afternoon and evening, even in rainy conditions you can still feel solar energy.

Solar panels can be connected to your home's electrical panels via cables, so electronics and other electricity consumption use solar power. if the solar energy supply is insufficient, you can use it through regular electricity from PLN.

The way it works is with ordinary electricity parallels, where if the supply of solar panels is sufficient and even exceeds ordinary electricity consumption, then you can sell it again. To make the calculation more accurate, you can use an export-import meter, so you can record how much electricity is purchased and what will be sold later.

In addition, you also have to provide some solar panel components at home, from solar panels, batteries, solar charger controllers, modules and DC to AC inverters (to turn on items with a voltage of 220 volts)

That's some information about solar panels that you can find out, from benefits to how they work. If you are interested in installing solar panels, then PLN will assist you in the installation. They will see the electricity needs you need first, then analyze how much bills can be reduced. After that they will tell you the costs you have to cover for installing the solar panels.

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