Benefits of Reforestation for the Sustainability of Living Things

It is not new news anymore, if currently there are cases of forest fires, drought, landslides, and various other disasters. The impact of natural disasters cannot be avoided. But how is this condition caused by human activity?

Not infrequently, we find massive deforestation without any reforestation or sustainable afforestation. The shrinking of the forest area and its worsening condition will certainly threaten the balance of the environment and the survival of living things.

This condition does not mean it cannot be overcome. Reforestation is one of the efforts to repair damaged forest areas. Whether it is caused by excessive human use of natural disasters. Greening activities are important in restoring forest functions as they should be.

Benefits of Reforestation for the Sustainability of Living Things

Benefits of Reforestation Activities for Forests

Efforts to implement reforestation have been able to provide many benefits to nature and living things. The benefits of greening are important for you to know, including the following.

Ecological Benefits

As has been implemented above, the reduction of trees in the forest can be a natural disaster. Reforestation is able to provide ecological benefits in the form of a natural balance between land, air, and so on.

Hydrological Benefits

Trees have the ability to store water from the ground. When more trees grow, it means that the amount of stored air will also increase. The intensity during the dry season and the rain falls, this air reserve can be utilized. Meanwhile, in the rainy season, we will avoid the risk of flash floods and landslides.

Orological Benefits

The orological benefits can be felt if reforestation is carried out to improve the condition of damaged forests. Orology itself is the ability of trees to withstand soil erosion. So as a result the land is not prone to landslides or falls.

Climatological Benefits

As we know, that plants carry out the photosynthetic process in their respiration. In this case the tree will recycle carbon dioxide and produce air that is rich in oxygen. The more trees that grow, the less air pollution will be. Air preservation can be achieved by promoting greening.

Benefits of Edhaphis

Forest areas are a place to live, live, and even to breed most types of animals. The reduced population of trees in the forest can reduce the habitat of animals in the forest and lead to extinction.

Aesthetic Benefits

Apart from providing benefits to nature and living things, trees are also aesthetically beneficial or aesthetically pleasing. Especially if the tree grows neatly and regularly, and looks so green. This condition provides an aesthetic appearance that can be used as a means of beautiful natural tourism.

Protective Benefits

Rarely realized, but trees provide protection for humans, in their lives. For example, to reduce sound, hold back dust, as well as windbreak and shade from the sun. In addition, tree preservation is also useful in protecting against flooding, erosion and landslides.

Hygienic Benefits

The process of photosynthesis in plants that produces oxygen is able to provide benefits related to cleanliness. Trees are able to absorb toxins in the air to produce healthier air. Tree roots are also useful as air filters, so that air quality is better and maintained.

Educational Benefits

Forest areas are home to a variety of trees and animal habitats. Forests that are still green and protected can be a place for animal plants to live for future generations.

Recreational Benefits

Nature tourism cannot be separated from forest tourism. Forest areas must be well preserved and then used as natural recreational facilities.

Economical Benefits

Trees in forest and plantation areas are able to provide benefits for the use of leaves, stems, and sap. Of course, this use must be balanced with reforestation so that the population remains stable.

As people who care about nature, it is appropriate for us to maintain the balance and preservation of nature. Allowing nature to be damaged can affect the survival of humans and other living things. That is why reforestation needs to be encouraged.

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