Apple become carbon neutral companies list

Apple is committed to making the company carbon neutral by 2030. It will compete with other technology companies such as Microsoft carbon neutral in 2030, Unilever carbon neutral in 2039 and Amazon carbon neutral by 2040.

carbon neutral
Apple become carbon neutral companies list

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that Businesses have to build a more sustainable future for the planet we share. Technology must help people to make environmentally friendly, so we can innovate a sustainable economy.  Carbon neutral is one of the proper ways to reduce climate change.

How do companies become carbon neutral?

Carbon neutral is a commitment that is difficult to implement. Some academics and the public tend to be skeptical of this discourse. This is because the company's production is already dependent on the global supply chain. This means that each company must ensure that each supplier takes part in maintaining carbon emissions from the spare parts it supplies.

Apple is taking several strategic steps to realize its commitment to become a carbon neutral company. This commitment is carried out in programs for the use of low carbon products, energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, innovation in material processes, and the elimination of carbon in nature.

1. Low carbon product design

Apple has its innovative stocking robot named Dave, which can recover rare earth, tungsten, and steel materials. The company also works with Carnegie Mellon University through its materials recovery lab in Austin, Texas.

At the launch of its gadget last year, Apple implemented rare earth recycling on its iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Apple has reduced its carbon footprint by 70% over the last decade.

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2. Expanding Energy efficiency

Energy issues are being addressed all over the world. Every company is competing to use renewable energy. The pressure on the use of energy that is not environmentally friendly is sure to increase in the coming years.

Apple invests $ 100 billion in carbon neutral energy through its partner US-China Green Fund for supply chain efficiency. The company succeeded in reducing 799,000 metric tons of carbon emissions in 2019.

Apple managed to save $ 27 million in electricity usage costs thanks to the energy efficiency of its new Building. This is equivalent to one-fifth of the company's electricity needs.

3. Use of renewable energy

Mass production often has a large environmental impact. But for companies that have large profits like Apple, of course, it will give them the flexibility to innovate in the use of carbon neutral energy.

In previous years, Apple's production provided the largest carbon footprint, which was about three-quarters of all Apple's activities.

Finally, Apple is committed to maintaining Apple's supply chain to use renewable energy. It is proven that 70 apple suppliers have used 100% renewable energy.

When the program is successfully planned, the company can save about 8 Gigawatts of energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 14.3 million metric tons.

4. Process and Material Innovation

There is some debate about the environmental impact of aluminum, plastic, and glass materials used in making smartphones. Of course, there is a functional reason rather than just the elegant design of the choice of materials.

Today the making of the 16-inch MacBook Pro uses a low carbon aluminum smelting process. This is the result of a collaboration with two aluminum suppliers for Apple.

Other innovations were also made in the use of fluorinated gases. We know that this gas can contribute to global warming. Therefore Apple and its suppliers are committed to reducing emissions of fluorinated gas by 242,000 metric tons last year.

5. Carbon Removal

There are many ways to reduce carbon emissions in this world. Some companies offer carbon taxes so that companies can reduce carbon emissions in each of their production.

However, it is doubted by some world governments to commit in each country. For countries that are committed to this carbon tax, of course, provide additional costs, while those who often cheat will benefit financially.

Therefore some companies and politicians offer solutions to reduce carbon by reforestation of forests.

Apple invests in partnerships around the world such as The Conservation Fund, World Wildlife Fund, and Conservation International. Their project is to restore forests, savanna, and mangroves. This step was taken in various countries such as United States, Colombia, Kenya, China.

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Lisa Jackson, vice president of Environment, Policy, and Apple's Social Initiatives, said there is a link between climate change and systemic racism. The goal of this company is to build an economy that is environmentally friendly and fairer. So that we can leave a serviceable environment for our children and grandchildren.

For more information about Apple's carbon neutral program, visit the apple.com/environment website. There Apple makes every progress in its commitment to reduce the carbon footprint. 

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