4 Types of Renewable Energy You Should Know

Almost all human and industrial activities cannot be separated from non-renewable energy. However, fuel oil is limited in nature and is worried that it will run out if it is continuously exploited too much. Therefore, the use of renewable energy is currently being tried as the right alternative to meet daily energy needs.

Increasingly, the demand for energy is getting higher, so researchers try to develop resources that can be used for a long enough time without feeling afraid of being depleted if it continues to be used.

The emergence of renewable energy opens opportunities for researchers to recover energy that they fear will run out. Several countries in the world have started to use and develop renewable energy. Likewise with Indonesia is expected to prioritize environmentally friendly technology.

Renewable Energy

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4 Types of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has various types according to the source in the surrounding environment and does not require large costs. To find out more clearly, here are 4 types of renewable energy that you should know, including:

1. Biofuel

Biofuels are biofuels obtained from the processing of various kinds of organic materials. Gradually, these biofuels will replace non-renewable fossil fuels.

Basically, the source of biofuels wants to come from processed plants that have a high sugar content such as sugar cane, and high vegetable oil content such as oil palm and jatropha trees.

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2. Wind Power

Wind is a source of energy that can be used and processed into a source of electricity. In environments with strong winds, a power generation turbine can be built. Where the turbine will be driven by strong winds.

This is because the wind has properties that can move an object and can produce electric power which will not cause emissions and waste at all. So, the benefits of renewable energy from wind can be used as an appropriate alternative to reduce the use of electricity from fuel oil.

Wind Power and Solar panel

3. Water

Since ancient times, flowing water has always been used as a source of renewable energy, although previously its use was still limited. However, with today's sophistication of technology, water can be used as a source of electrical energy and can generate thrust to drive the power generator turbines.

To get running water sources, you can find them in rivers and ocean currents. The source of electrical energy that comes from water is often used by many people, because it is easy to find, can move at any time, and is more stable. The investment that must be fulfilled is also much smaller so that it can produce more electrical energy and benefit humans.

4. The sun

An alternative energy source that is often found and most commonly used is from the sun. Solar or solar energy is widely used by people because it is easy to obtain, especially if Indonesia is on the equator, which can get a lot of sunlight.

Rays and heat radiation from the sun can be used as energy. But you need solar panels to convert heat or solar radiation into energy that can support your home's electricity

Those are 4 types of renewable energy that you should know about. By using this renewable energy source, you are protecting the environment and saving electricity.

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